Total Protection Witch Spells

If you need a spell to totally protect your home and your loved ones, then this spell is the perfect choice for you. This spell is designed to keep away undesirables and unwanted visitors. It will be almost as though you are surrounded by an invisible and impenetrable wall, thus allowing you to stop worrying and sleep soundly at night.

This lovely spell is also suitable to protect you, your home and your family from troublesome neighbours. All with just a sprinkle of stardust!

Personal Protection and Bullying

This spell will protect you from curses and hexes by building an invisible shield is around you twenty four hours a day seven days a week. You will no longer be subject to spiritual attacks from anybody at any time. This spell will make you feel safe, protected and happy.

This protection spell is also ideal for anyone who is being bullied either at school or in later life. With just a sprinkle of stardust!

Family Protection Spell

This complex spell is designed to place a ring of total protection around you, your entire family and your loved ones. Once this very powerful spell has been cast, you will find that no negative energies can enter into your private areas. It is always comforting to feel that you and your loved ones are safe. All with just a sprinkle of stardust!

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