Top Addiction Spells

The super powerful drug and alcohol addiction spells listed below can help with the removal of all unwanted habits and completely remove destructive and addictive tendencies. These powerful and effective spells can work for you, or someone you love, even though many alternative methods may have been tried and failed to bring a positive outcome. The spells in this section can help you with problems ranging from drug addiction, (including addiction to prescribed drugs), to alcohol abuse and of course tobacco smoking. If you or someone you love has a problem with any of these addictions and problems then my spell casting can help to overcome the problems forever. What a wonderful and thoughtful gift this would be for someone who you truly love and care for.

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You Can Stop Smoking Forever

Are you tired of being treated like a leper, a criminal or a rebel just because you smoke? Do you have to stand outside in the freezing cold and rain to indulge in your habit? Even if you have been smoking tobacco for many years, this spell can help you to overcome the problem forever, with just a sprinkle of stardust! It is time you started to look after yourself and save some money at the same time. You will feel better, look better and live longer. Just stop and think for a moment. If you are smoking just twenty cigarettes per day, you are throwing away and burning nearly £3,000 per year. That may be a large chunk out of your hard earned income. Just think what you could buy for your children or for someone you care for with all of that wasted money?

This spell will pay for itself, many times over, in a very short space of time. My job is to make sure that you will enjoy being a non smoker far more than you ever enjoyed being a smoker.


You can overcome alcohol dependence forever with this proven magic spell. Alcohol abuse is a notoriously difficult problem to overcome and it can have a devastating effect, not only upon the life of the person with the addiction, but it can also destroy the lives of their families and loved ones. This very special and sought after spell can help you or someone you care for to slowly withdraw and eventually stop drinking alcohol completely. This spell is designed to make you or the person of your choice enjoy being a non drinker, far more than they ever enjoyed being a drinker. Just like the stop smoking spell above, this wonderful spell will pay for itself many times over in no time at all.

Drug Addiction

If you or someone you care for is struggling with the heartache of drug addiction, then this is the ideal proven spell to help the sufferer overcome the problem once and for all time. There are really no words that can adequately describe the pain and trouble that is caused by drug addiction. It is not just the addict who suffers, but just about everyone who they come into contact with. Whether the drugs are medically prescribed or otherwise, this special spell maybe the answer you have been looking for.


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