Revenge & Death Spells

Revenge Spell – The Sticking Revenge Spell

Revenge might be the only way forward, to win any battle you have to have more power than the one you are fighting. Revenge spells can be charged to reflect pain inflicted on you onto an enemy, you may wish to give them a good taste of their own medicine – and more. Revenge spells include protection and protect you and the spell caster from anything backfiring, all the revenge is sent to the villain of the piece and sticks to them no matter what they try. They may believe they are cursed and seek a curse removal spell – our Sticking Revenge Spell is NOT removable and will ensure they have enough problems of their own and no time for interfering in your life ever again. They will be turned into a bad luck and misfortune magnet.

We will need ANY but not necessarily all of the following: the names of the person or people you seek revenge on, their address, employment details, phone number, car registration number, photo, description of their appearance or any information you may have so that we can build up a good picture on them. Andrea will then review the situation using the Necronomicon Tarot which instead of using conventional interpretations, connects with the cosmic forces overshadowing the world, and tells you what will happen, not what may happen.

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